Scientific Thought I

Quiz Information

Fall 2009

  • There are nine quizzes to be done on Compass during the semester. Each quiz will have 12 true/false questions relating to the material in the previous four lectures. These questions will be based on the questions in the lecture notes, so the way to study for the quizzes is to study those questions.
  • Dates of quizzes are shown on the schedule of classes. Each quiz must be taken between 2 PM on the date shown and 2 PM the next day. To take a quiz, log in to Compass, click on "Scientific Thought I," then on "Assessments," then on the quiz you need to take, and follow the prompts. You will be allowed 15 minutes to do the quiz. You can only make one attempt. Questions won't be the same for all students.
  • Graded quizzes can be viewed after the end time for doing the quiz. To see a graded quiz, click on "Assessments," then on "View All Submissions," then on "Attempt 1" for the quiz you want to see. Points won't be deducted for wrong answers, so even with random guessing you should get about 50%.